About Us

Welcome To: Brat Wave LLC  

I have the desire to help people.

Hello, I'm Jesse Foster and I invented the Brat_Wave to help others like you to be able to cook brats fully, by browning all edges completely. Born and raised in Appleton Wisconsin, I graduated high school and  set out to start helping people any way possible. I joined the USA army to serve our country. Currently, I am an industrial electrician, where I am able to help my company troubleshoot and work through problems to aide in machinery efficiency. 

One day after work the plan was to cook brats for the family. I hated the task because, I was always concerned about cooking the meat completely through and trying to balance the brats on their curves, which always frustrated me.  This problem drove me to create a solution. Through my products invention I aim to help others like you to cook those curves.

My Family: The Foster's


My lovely wife and I married in 2005.  We were looking to create a family.  Knowing we couldn't have children(s) of our own, we joined an adoption service and went through the trials of adopting. In 2008, we were able to adopt a baby girl.  Then again in 2010, we were able to adopt a baby boy completing our perfect family. Years later, we found out that our baby girl is suffering from epilepsy.

Our Secondary Vision: 

It is with this business, that we hope we can help the Epilepsy Foundation of Wisconsin. With every purchase from people like you, we will be donating one dollar per product purchased. It is our goal to help others through this product invention.

We thank you for your purchase and visiting our store.  We hope you enjoy your product as much as we do.

So as always "Let's Cook Those Curves"