Brat Wave LLC and its affiliates will not be held liable for any injuries to you the customer after the sale of the product. The product is designed to aid in cooking of your brats. Therefore, your product has the ability to harm you if not used as intended. The Cautions include the product gets hot during use, and the object may have sharp edges. In addition, this product may produce different results based on how you the customer likes to cook the wellness of your meat. 

Please use this device as intended. 

You as the buyer will assume all liability after the purchase of this product.

Thank you for your purchase and enjoy your product feel free to send reviews and other input through the website or email us at brat_wave@yahoo.com as we look forward to hearing from you.


This device may be hot and or could be sharp when handling. The Brat_Wave is intended and designed to be used as a cooking device for brats. All other uses are not recommended by Brat Wave LLC or its affiliates. If you received one with a gray film on it remove before use, as this is to protect the surface from scratching during processing.