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Brat Wave LLC


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Your all new contour cooking sheet to cook the curves of a bratwurst with reduced or no flame flare-ups when grilling!

 *The cost is a result of the steel industry and its fluctuating prices*

Preheat the Brat Wave prior to use.
Doing so will help prevent meat from sliding during the cooking stages.
No oiling the plate needed.

Product Specifications :
Stainless steel 20Ga 304 #4 Brushed
Product Dimensions :
14.5in x 6in x 3in 
Product Weight :
Product Branding :
The brand logo is etched on the stainless steel, next to the hanger hole.
The logo on the front edge in photos is for advertising and brand look.
Additionally :
Product has a hole punched in it for hanging purposes as the customer sees fit.
For more Info please visit BRATWAVE.COM

This is the all new contour cooking sheet called Brat_Wave, it was created to help you cook your bratwurst to perfection! In addition it also reduces flame flare-ups while cooking on the grill.
Invented by a US veteran, each device is hand crafted in the USA, and the manufacturing of this product is not outsourced. The Brat Wave is completely made in house other than the stainless steel. As of (2021) Brat Wave is (Patent Pending) and the logo is (Trade Marked).
Brat_Wave was created to assist the average griller in cooking brats more evenly. Yes cooking brats has been done a certain way for a long time, but imagine if you could cook the curves of the brat as you cook the flat surfaces. Well look no more. I have created this device for you ! Now you don't have to try and balance those brats on their curved edges any longer. This incredible new device cradles the meat on its concaved and convex edges. Not only do you caramelize the flat edges of the brat like normal but now you can also brown those curves. This product also helps reduce the flame flare-ups you get when cooking the brats from their own grease.
Preheat the Brat Wave 
Doing so will help prevent meat from sliding during the cooking stages.
No oiling the plate needed.
How Your Device Works !
Simply through using indirect heating. This is where you cook directly adjacent to the heat source. The food is still going onto the grill or over the fire, but with this type of cooking your items are placed in an area heated by the flame , and not directly in contact with the heat source. Not only will this device help you cook on any Grill, and or Griddle, you can also use it in your Oven, or on a Firepit tripod during your camp outings.


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